MAX6675 Thermocouple Board

The MAX6675 pcbs I had manufactured finally got populated. These will be used in conjunction with a master station running PID control software.  The boards were created with EAGLE Light.  This is the first time I have ordered a pcb that I had designed in EAGLE.  I didn’t have time to build a prototype first, so I just ordered them anyway.  I used Laens PCB Oder for the boards.  They were reasonably priced and you get (3) copies of each board that you order.  The board has (4) MAX6675 chips with decoupling capacitors for each.  Each 6675 has a 2-pin screw terminal for attaching the thermocouple.  The MAX6675 uses onboard cold-junction compensation, and is located in close proximity to each screw terminal.  The chips are controlled via the I²C bus and share CLK and DATA pins while being selected with individual CS pins.  Everything is brought out to a 8-pin SIP connector that I can plug into a breadboard or connect into a larger master unit.

Here is the EAGLE layout of v1:

Here is the datasheet for the MAX6675.

I’ll post some PICBASIC code eventually that shows it in use with a 7-segment display using another board I had ordered at the same time.

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