LED lights for my bike wheels


Revolights are a very cool product that illuminates the front and rear wheels on a bicycle.  The only problem for me is the cost; around $220 is a little too expensive, although they are worth it if you can afford it.  I decided to try and make a set of wheel lights for my road bike using SMD LEDs.  A few months ago I got the bright idea to make use of some LEDs that I had laying around.  Designing a quick board and sending it over to Laen’s PCB service got me 30 or so boards for a small cost.  The boards were originally going to be used for lighting the inside of my 3D printer; but after all the work of soldering SMD LEDS and wiring everything together, I reused a scanner backlight that output more evenly.  Since the LEDs were already wired, all I needed to do was attach the lights and batteries with cable ties everything for the initial testing.  Two identical LiPo batteries for a small RC helicopter were used to power the lights on each wheel.  A small switch soldered by the battery acts as a ON/OFF switch.  The first version seems to work fairly well, although it is not waterproof, the next version will be.  I would also like to include a microcontroller to do some extra light






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